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Areas in Hilo & East Island


Hilo is the largest city and county seat of the Big Island (Hawaii County). It's home to the Port of...

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North of Hilo

The coast north of Hilo is a mostly rocky shoreline with farmlands rising up the slopes to where rainforests dominate...

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Honoka'a gets most of its traffic because it is on the way to the well-known Waipio Valley Lookout. There are more reasons to visit this picturesque little town and enjoy its charm.

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Pahoa is the hub town of the Puna District on the Big Island. Puna is the easternmost district and includes...

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Volcano is the town next to the volcano. More specifically, Volcano, Hawaii has the nearest services to Kilauea the most...

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Nearby Attractions

About Hilo & East Island

The eastern side of the Big Island includes the port city of Hilo and the Puna District around the town of Pahoa. Since this is the windward side of the island, the vegetation is dense and the hills are covered in lush rainforest. The eastern side is where you'll find most of the island's amazing waterfalls including Rainbow Falls, the Boiling Pots, and Akaka Falls. When it's not raining this is a gorgeous area to explore, but don't expect huge sandy beaches. While there are many places to access the eastern shoreline, there are few sandy spots. That said, it's so picturesque that it would be a shame to not see this side of the island on your visit. Epic eastern destinations include the swimming hole at Carlsmith Beach Park, the hike to Shipman Beach, discovering the brand new black sand beach at Cape Kumukahi, and wandering through Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens next to Onomea Bay. You should also visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in the southeast part of the island if you haven't been there before. There is a lot to see and do on the Hilo side of the Big Island, just check the forecast before you venture into this rainforest region.