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Areas in Kohala & North Island


Kapa'au is the last town at the north end of the Big Island. It's the gateway to the Pololu Valley...

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The small town of Hawi is located near the northern tip of the Big Island in the North Kohala District....

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Kawaihae is a small community on the northwestern shore of the Big Island in the transition zone between the Kona...

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About Kohala & North Island

The north end of the Big Island is named Kohala after the oldest volcano of five that make up this massive island. Two main roads lead to the northern tip and the quaint towns of Hawi and Kaua'au. One road starts in the mountain town of Waimea and crosses Kohala Volcano before dropping down toward the north shore. Another route follows the coast northward from the resort areas of Mauna Lani and Waikoloa. No matter how you get there, you'll have diverse options for dipping your toes in the ocean. Pololu Valley probably has the most popular beach in Kohala despite the steep hike required to visit it. Those who venture down there will probably agree that it's one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The rest of Kohala's shore has widely spaced beach parks with varying character. Each of these parks is special in its own way, but don't expect large sandy beaches up there. Spencer Beach Park has one of the nicest sandy beaches up north and it's not that far from resort areas of Kona. Those looking for historical places can find them at the Kohala Historical Sites and Lapakahi State Historical Park. A great way to experience all of Kohala is to do a loop drive by heading to Waimea then going to the north end on Highway 250 and returning along the northwest coast on Highway 270.