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Beaches in Mauna Kea Resort

Mauumae Beach

Mau’umae Beach is a hidden gem that few folks know about. While it’s definitely not as cool as nearby...

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About Mauna Kea Resort

Mauna Kea Resort is where you'll find Mauna Kea Beach, a wide sandy beach that is considered one of the top beaches in Hawaii and even the US. It is well deserving of accolades as it checks most boxes that beachgoers want. The only limitation is the parking lot which, while open to the public, isn't large enough to handle the strong demand. So if you want to enjoy Mauna Kea Beach for the day, get there in the early morning and bring everything you'll need as you can't drive out and return. There's a restaurant behind the beach if you don't want to pack your own lunch. Another gorgeous beach in this resort is Mau'umae (pronounced mow-my) and it isn't well-known. If Mauna Kea Beach is full, you can ask the gate attendant for a pass to park at Mau'umae Beach and then you can walk over to Mauna Kea. If both lots are full, you'll have to go to a beach outside of this resort (Hapuna Beach is a good option nearby).